Light Language Activation


but… what is Light Language?

Light Language is the next giant leap to human evolution, ascension and healing. If an individual is open, and can align with these higher frequencies the DNA has no other option than to match the transmission, there for causing an activation in a person’s entire multi-dimensional energy body or rainbow body. It’s a full multi-dimensional reboot, so to speak, calling in all inactive DNA.  To be.

New Earth

The new earth is being birthed, and each one of us is needed in this grand awakening. I am here to support you as an New Earth Teacher as you step into the embodiment of your unique gifts and talents. I’m not your healer, I’m here to help you remember how to heal yourself

My personal experience with Light Language

Since 2010 I started singing, signing and drawing Light Language during a meditation sitting at the Gizeh Plateau in Caïro Egypt. It felt strange in the beginning but when I really allowed myself to receive it my heart opened completely. My clients experience during light language sessions  symbols, remember words or see visions. I realise it is part of my Soul contract to awaken other’s to their amazing gift.

Allow me to awaken the Light Language within you.

You have latent codes in your DNA that when awakened unlock your spiritual gifts and open you up to your spirit guides, allowing you to channel their energy through Light Language.
You may have a deep connection with Atlantis, Lemuria, The Pleiades, The Arcturians to name a few of the star races who are just waiting for you to remember the truth of who you are.

Light Language comes in many forms. It can be written, symbols, spoken, tonal, clicking, singing or hand gestures. It is deeply ceremonial.

It is your gift to the world and to yourself!

The more people tapping into this, the better, the more people even aware that Light Language is a thing and it’s real, the better. Every person’s language will be specific to them.  Just like fingerprints or snowflakes, no two Light Languages will be the same, there are similarities, but they all have their separate aspects.  They all have their equal importance. And all create the intricate web of reality.    

Are you ready to awaken your Light Language Codes and to remember why you are on Earth right now?

I invite you to follow your heart and step into you power.
Book a session with me and activate your soul’s gifts now.

Personal Light Language Activation
$44- 20 mins 

*There is no need for us to meet
*Having your permission and name is enough for me to connect with your energy on the Soul level
*You will receive a full recording of the Light Language Session by video
*Within 24 hours after payment you receive an email from me
*You can pay by PayPal: or when you don’t have PayPal send me a message for my accountnumber

Price: 39,00 €