AnnaH van Heezik - Praktijk Blijf bij Jezelf
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Who is AnnaH Maria?

Mother, sister, daughter, friend, inspirator, sound-healer, medium, teacher, Light language©activator,
entrepreneur and in particular I came to this earth again
to convey a message of power and Light.
In my own way, I like to challenge everyone 
to recognize and show there own potential again.

It is given to me to feel and see the collective and individual consciousness and the potential that lies within it.
I do this through my clear, fine sensory abilities.
For 20 years I give information through subtle words and
very detailed descriptions.
I combine this with sounds, meditations and drawings.

In 1961 I arrived on this planet and I recognized (by image and sound) the Light in different forms as moving rings around people.
Sometimes they changed color and shape and that was always the best to take out of the person or as protection.
I was guided by a group of "eyes". 
They spoke to me, helped me, answered my questions and
believe me I had a lot of questions!

Later on these "eyes" showed themselves as angels,
ascended masters and beings from other planets.
They encouraged me to express the Light Language again.
To share this ability with intention that everyone would and
will remember there own Language from the Soul.

There is so much more between Heaven and Earth and
you are NOW living on this earth with all your sensitivity and impressions of this moment.

Does these sensitivities hinder and impress you?
Or do they give you
just a nice feeling and contribute to a sense of balance,
harmony in your daily life?

On this website you will find free information and 
in February I start with the
"Monthly Light Languages Codes".
Stay tuned for all the information!

So happy to meet you, let's make this world a better place.

Many blessings,
Love AnnaH x